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Oronda Owens also well known as "O" is the owner and operator of Oronda J. Owens Photography. Oronda was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia where he keened into his love and passion for art. He tapped into his artistic talents at a very young age pursing realism portrait drawings where he had many of his art portraits displayed throughout the world in different museums.

He is a dedicated father, husband and retired U.S Air Force Veteran. Oronda began exploring photography full-time in 2019 after retirement, however, he have always been a skilled artist and photographer.


His photography style is more moody and dramatic being unique within itself and stunning. Oronda is a true visionary at heart and creates a unique depth of style that is very influential and flattering. This is done by showcasing and introducing off camera flash in a very intriguing and dramatic way showing how he can create timeless masterpieces of work. His work has been described as very "natural, clean and authentic", and every piece of work is done with a story in mind with having an editorial type approach.

The "O" photographic experience is truly one of a kind and the artistry goes well beyond the lens of the camera. From Posing to visuals to being truly dedicated and hands on throughout the shoot and after. He always ensure to leave a lasting impression. As a published photographer, Oronda displays what it takes to expand his mindset for creativity and explore different ways to capture the shot.

Oronda Owens Is currently based in Charleston, SC and loves traveling and If you are wondering if he is the Photographer for you, I can ensure the impression that's made and the images created will always be jaw dropping and memorable so don't hesitate booking a session with him.


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"Creating timeless memories that  last a lifetime "


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